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Deepali Chugh

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His sparkling presence, the performance, his embodiment of the character, his mesmerizing effect with his groundbreaking movies, Salman Khan isn’t just a man, he’s a legacy. May it be a Friday or a Wednesday for that matter, when it is a Salman Khan movie, there exist no odds that the word ‘blockbuster’ would indubitably precede the status of the movie. While Sultan had its audience set and theatres houseful before its release as expected, no soul could cease its success.


Sultan is a movie about a Jat farmer, unfocused and aimless in life while he is one of the popular guys of his town for his unbeatable and unmatched pace in catching kites when cut loose, until he bumps into this feisty young ambitious girl Aarfa (Anushka Sharma), whose ultimate aim is to win a gold medal at Olympics. Standing with head held high with her prowess at wrestling and unflinching and unwavering determination, Aarfa dares the stereotypical society which crushes the women and lets their dream remain unfulfilled. While Sultan Ali Khan has an absolutely different impression of their relationship as that of two lovers, Aarfa yet considers him to be her friend, unless once when Aarfa denigrates and derogates him, Sultan’s focus reaches an all new level to not only prove it to her, but also to himself of his worth, leading him to eventually win Olympics and then, the World Championship. It is indeed rightly said, when people pursue their dream and success overshadows with arrogance disguising under the sheet of confidence, your pursuit of success leads you to lose your own people. After years of detachment from the family and the sport he had excelled in all his life, his life takes a turn when he resurrects in the second half of the movie. The movie is a 2 hour 50 minute long saga, well, not the one having you sit at the edge of your seats during the fights or as the movie progresses. The script isn’t rock solid with a clichéd not so intriguing plot, driven mostly by the emotional bends. There are moments of humour when Sultan tries to impress Aarfa with his faltering English. Sultan is shown as a desi wrestler, who has his connection with his soil intact even while he travels to places as it was that very ground from which he had evolved to what he had become then.


As a typical sports movie, which explicitly and always delivers the message of never giving up, so does Sultan with him fighting in the ring even at the age of forty and broken ribs. It lacked in arising the adrenalin rush down our spines during the MMA fights, yet was decent while it could have been better.


The emotions are exuberantly depicted for a major part as long as the first half of the movie, which was more than just over-stretched. It was only in the later half when his struggle of recovering from the past and evolving as the champion is shown.


With Yash Raj Films, it's album is bound to comprise of the chartbuster songs of the year. For the genre as passionate and intense as romance is, the songs failed in riveting and igniting the charm, showing the intoxicating love or conjuring up the mesmerizing and enticing sentiment of love.


With a movie as sports driven as this, one doesn’t keep away from expecting anything less than a viguoring victory anthem, every ounce and every lyric of which instills a feeling of motivation and inspiration and stimulates something within you at the end of it. Well, it lacked quite a lot on this account.


But the song ‘Baby ko base pasand hai’ is yet butt swaying number which will, certainly, make you witness hoots and cheers in the theatres as it is played.


The manoeuvres of a wrestler are shown deftly, with an appreciable precision and notified detailing while Sultan attempts to understand and recall the movements of his opponent in the ring in order to put him down.


Anushka Sharma did an appreciable job, but as far as the character is concerned, it called for a robust body of an actress who could embody the part of a wrestler.


Although Randeep Hooda doesn’t have a major role in the film, yet his powerful presence urges you to want to see more of him in the movie.


Amit Sadh, portraying the character of the son of the businessman, who gets Sultan back to the ring ultimately, has also done a commendable job.


Overall, the movie is a good, too long and overstretched, yet a onetime watch for all Salman Khan fans.


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