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Tarzan, indubitably, is a character that doesn't take a second thought for not only us but people from early as Tarzan has been a topic of reading for almost every other child while it carries when they’re growing into the movies as was made until now.

The Legend of Tarzan is a movie about the protagonist who has been living in a jungle all his life, understanding every ounce, every language and every feeling of the animals and the surroundings. He has been brought up by the apes whom he considers to be his only family until he bumps into Jane, who teaches him to be a man, teaches the language to speak and all the humanly qualities he has been deprived of so far. He goes back, only to become a part of the humankind, to be known as John. When he goes to the jungle again to save his people from the approaching threat of tyranny as they enslave his people, it eventually boils down to the humongous battle between the two parties, one comprising of Tarzan’s people and the animals he’s been along with all his life and on the other hand, Rom who had his own ulterior motives.

It is a decent movie, with actions well appreciated and applauded for, yet the touch of a Tarzan’s movie remains missed mostly. There have been moments and scenes which reminisce the audience of the Tarzan they had ever been imagining since they read its comics. The standard yowling with the hard thumping on chest, something a Tarzan is always portrayed as wasn’t seen throughout. It has been a romantic tale of John and Jane whose passionate love for each other made him cross rivers, jump cliffs and hang from one branch of the tree to another to save her from the clutches of Rom, who actually insisted on getting Tarzan to his team.

Tarzan is shown to be having the spirit of the jungle, the strongest of all. The movie lacked originality with quite predictable story ahead. The character of George was pretty superfluous and seemed mostly not the one required for. The screenplay of the movie is extraordinarily good while the special effects speak volumes of good for itself.

Jane has been well equipped with emoting herself throughout with the portraying of her emotions towards Tarzan or her people from the jungle for that matter.The story has been pretty ordinary while it doesn’t quite follow the path of exclusivity and seemed quite usual than better.

It is most certainly a one-time watch for everyone.


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