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The Meg (2018)

Release Date: 10-08-2018
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The Meg (2018)




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Megalodon! With the audience chittering in anxiety and hands on the mouth with astonishment time and again, Meg presents forth the story of an assumed extinct creature that is misconceived to no longer exist only to be acknowledged by the international deep-sea crew of its dreadful existence.

The flick revolves around the world’s largest shark the monstrous existence of whose is fought by one and all while many of them are consumed by this deadly creature. The moment it appears on the screen, it grips you in a way you wouldn’t stop from imagining what Megalodon would do next.

This flick is so gripping and engrossing, not only did the plot enthral me, Jason Statham’s acting had me in a glance. So, this comes as another golden feather to Statham’s hat! From the director to the actors, editors and marvellously exceptional use of graphics, each and every technician has done their job par excellence. Every manoeuvre of the shark is supremely beautiful and artistically captured.

Exactly when you think there barely is anything left of the movie to show to its audience for according to you, this might be the end of the story, the director takes a complete turn to turn our imaginations turtle with a new twist to it. There have been dozens of movies based on sharks and while you may preconceive this movie to be no different, it challenges your notions with every interesting sequence.

You will witness numerous encounters between Statham and the Meg showcasing the heroic rescue sequences. With the unafraid Megalodon attempting to consume entire cages and attacking humans with least fear while coming from the depths of the ocean to the surfaces through warm water leakages, I cannot keep away from expressing the turmoil of emotions including fear, anxiety, nervousness and astonishment that I experienced through and through.

There exists no second thought or dubiety in the magnum opus the crew has managed to carve out of a plot, which compels me enough to give it 4 out of 5 stars!


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