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Tiger Zinda Hai

Release Date: 22-12-2017
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Tiger Zinda Hai




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The grandeur, the large scale sets, the large than life locations and the ultimate mission to accomplish, Ek tha Tiger had the ultimate mission and objective of the meeting of two hearts that bled together. But as nations that stand as arc rivals, there could have been nothing but the only alternate to elope.

The sequel to this magnificent and resplendent movie comes Tiger Zinda Hai which has blown the grandeur out of the roof, that has scaled up the level beyond imagination and has an unexpected twist in the story. The terrorist group ISC has the dreaded leader Abu Usmaan whose revenge from the Americans as a result of the detention suffered despite being an innocent culminated into his vengeance and retaliation for the same. He hijacks a bus of 35 nurses, 25 indian and 15 pakistani to heal him, making the hospital his base camp. While the long lost Tiger rejuvenates and bounces back with a greater roar and a team of fantastic four, he is on the groundbreaking mission of getting the nurses out of the clutches of Abu Usmaan. This is the coming of age idealistic film with RAW and ISI getting into one team to head to their mission with flags of their respective nations in hand to furl once victorious.

A movie that has the star of the stars, Salman Khan, the ultimate Bhai, people would have had their tickets pre-booked days before for whenever his movie is round the corner, it is an undeniable inevitable obvious fact that people would probably be jumping onto their seats to get to the theatres.

The movie has the sets. It has the story. It has the actors and it has the director. When it has the perfect of everything, there can barely be anything that could go wrong. The director has had no stone unturned to include everything, with the splendor and majesty of the sequences such as the one in the wolf fight. There’s this one scene when Tiger gets out of the building and shoots rounds of bullets that somehow has left a mark so much so that whenever I remember the movie, this sequence crops up first.

The movie has had the chart buster songs from Swag se Swagat to the romantic song Dil Diyyan Gallan. Dil Diyyan Gallan has already carved its space in the minds of people while you would probably be listening them hum or sing all the time.
The effects that are used in here are glorious and splendid. The efforts of the entire crew are out and out discernable. The movie must have definitely been a task to direct and make, and for that, it indubitably deserves a hats off.

The cinematic experience with shear presence of Salman in his machismo has left the audience in awe. This is definitely worth the watch and yes, those who miss it out will definitely miss onto their 2 hours 45 minutes worth entertainment.  


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