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Tutak Tutak Tutiya

Release Date: 07-10-2016
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Tutak Tutak Tutiya






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Commencing at an insipid note is this movie with a South Indian man Krishna, who ends up proposing every western cladded, English speaking woman crossing his way. Yet fate throws him in front of a village girl Devi, whom he keeps at bay even after their marriage and gets her to Mumbai. All this seems monotonous and usual, until Krishna is blown by the fact that the home they'd shift to is haunted by a female ghost Ruby, who was a struggling actress when living and as a matter of fact that her film was shelved, she consequently committed suicide.

But her burning desire to become a star, with people chanting her name and eulogizing her gets her to an extent wherein she uses Devi’s body to accomplish her dream. While Krishna is initially in absolute maze and utter conundrum, he realizes the presence of the ghost and is stupefied at the thought of his possessed wife.

How the story rolls over with numerous gags and comic instances with Krishna bouncing between the ghost and his wife and ultimately ending at a positive note is entirely what is shown in the film. Tutak Tutak Tutiya is horror comedy, light hearted entertainer which doesn’t let you slouch or feel the pangs of boredom for once. The film arrives at a fresh note and has an unusual concept, which makes it what it precisely is.

Prabhudeva looks young and decent, while it isn’t a great deal about him which I could or might have probably felt throughout. He shows a good comic timing though. Tamannah comes with a sense of fresh air on screen and her presence doesn’t go unnoticed for once. The entire movie rests on the shoulder of Tamannah, who has been able to pull off her role unexpectedly well. Her switch over from a cunning smart no-nonsense ghost to a homely subdued and cultured wife shows precisely how supremely talented is this woman. Although Sonu Sood projects the aura of a star in the movie at an average note, his presence doesn’t make it extraordinarily charming in the role of a proclaimed hero.

As far as the technical strata of film making is concerned, the special effects in the movie are quite appreciable and commendable for that matter. The direction is good and the director Vijay doesn’t make it caricaturish under the disguise of a comic genre. The music album of the film is ordinary, while it takes the title and the main song from an old famous hit number ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’.

In all, I would give it 3 out 5 stars.


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