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Udta Punjab (A)

Release Date: 17-06-2016
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Udta Punjab (A)




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The much hyped movie, after layers and layers of hindrances from the censor board, yet releasing on 17th June 2016 has had a green flag, not only by the authorities, but by the viewers for it is one of those message oriented and subject driven movies on drugs which ought to be made for it was high time.


Commencing the plot with the depiction of the miserable, wretched and abysmal conditions of the drug addicts, Udta Punjab showed the lives of those who are, knowingly or unknowingly, trapped into this vicious addiction which once consumed, makes the life of the victim dreadful. The movie shows four different lives as that of the Bihari migrant Pinki Kumari (Alia Bhatt), Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) and the duo Preet Singh (Kareena Kapoor) and Sartaj Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) who somehow get connected to the topic. The movie starts with the infiltration of drugs through our porous borders which mistakenly, lands up into the hands of one of our protagonists Pinki Kumari (Alia Bhatt), who unknowingly picks it up eventually realizing it to be drugs. Only when she knows it to be as valuable to make her life worth living with the money she might get by selling the drug, does she decide to sell it off. Little did she know it would turn her life into the most miserable way, making her a rape victim by a gang of drug peddlers.


Simultaneously, it projects the life of Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor), popularly known as the GABRU, who is a strong drug addict and the drugs are the fuel to his power and recognition amongst the masses. It doesn’t end at this while the third story in the same movie lies with the duo Preet Singh and Sartaj Singh, being a doctor and an assistant police officer respectively. Knowingly, Sartaj Singh and the other police officers, including the senior police officer lets go off all those drug peddlers for they get a bribe. While permitting the drug peddling, it was all as it had been unless Sartaj was jolted and hit hard by the fact that what he was permitting was costing the life of his own kith and kin.This drives him to go after the drug cartels. While the subject of the movie was highly pertinent and much called for, the projection needed synchronization.


It had three stories, although connected with a common subject, yet very different from each other. The three stories when put together looked a bit unsynchronized and mismanaged. Depicting how pathetic it gets consuming drugs and as worse it gets when you try to leave it, Udta Punjab was little short than good in depicting the reality to ground level. Showcasing the politics of our country going hand in gloves with the drug mafia, it brings forth to the audience a powerful message about how our political system is darned by the corrupt and cold blooded hoodlums .


Shahid Kapoor, who despite never consuming drugs, had to portray the character of a drug addict and hence come out of their comfort zone. The real classy and elegant Alia Bhatt did a spectacular job with her depiction of a Bihari migrant and with her dialect and complete transformation from her real self, I would say was impeccable. Diljit Dosanjh and Kareena Kapoor were absolutely honest in their role. In toto, the movie has been a good attempt, but could have been better and more pragmatic.  


It is a must one-time watch.


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