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Vishhwaroop 2

Release Date: 10-08-2018
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Vishhwaroop 2

If this is an espionage, it is a sham! Not only was the story least engrossing, it was completely disconnected wherein for half of the film, you might be left pondering into what the movie is about.
If I can epitomise this flick in three words, I can’t think of anything other than sheer boring, disconnected and dreary. Ever since it started, from the very first minute, it didn’t manage to hook my interest into the film. From Kabul to UK to Delhi and all the other places that have been travelled through this movie, it only levelled up the budget of the film, but not the story.

The story is a sequel to its prequel Vishwaroop wherein in this, it is a revenge and an eye to eye combat between the protagonist Wisam (Kamal Hassan) and the antagonist in the form of this man from Al Qaeda Omar (Rahul Bose). From saving Omar’s family from Omar himself to rescuing the entire country from a 64-serial bombing, this flick makes no head or tail to you while it slacks you to bits.
While the plot may seem decent, the screenplay is horrendous. The action sequence in the first half when Wisam fights one of his attackers while saving his mates looks almost childish with least enthusiasm and a robotic manoeuvre.

The movie lacks the intrigue. It lacks every element of an espionage. Had it not been for the review, I would have almost left it in the midst of it for when you have actors as legendary as Kamal Haasan and Shekhar Kapoor and as reliable a producer as Rohit Shetty, you definitely expect a better film.

It has a massive scale that it has been shot at and provided this, the screenplay steeply declines the entire investment into the film. It not only has an ordinary screenplay, mediocre acting but poor scripting and continuity.

For the entire experience and considering your investment of not only money, but time, I would give this movie 1 out of 5 stars.  


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