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Ever wondered what if your kith and kin were sitting on a ventilator or a coma bed for that matter and all you were subjected to was sheer waiting in hope, fear, anxiety, grief, misery, angst, despair and despondency to the core of your heart with tears of dejection and mere cursing the almighty for why you could not touch and feel the person you love who is lying down with a hanging sword fighting between life and death. The story depicts how different generations deal with the grief when struck upon suddenly and how they wilt with the catastrophic events which hit upon them and they have to wait for they never know what would betide.

Not coming from the genre of a masala entertainer, yet fulfilling the requirements of a good entertaining movie, waiting is a rather good journey of emotions, turbulent at times. Leaving behind the message to go and get away with is rather portrayed in a meaningful way, effusing out the emotions distinctly. Tara’s (Kalki Koechlin) character depicts the young blood, showcasing the abrasive attitude, persona and lifestyle the current youth carries. The carefree, casual and tactless dialect of the Gen Y with their casual swearing and abusive language, not meant in a disdainful manner is contrasted with the yesteryear’s generation who have the utmost decent demeanour, being poise with their verbatim.

It starts with showing the accident of Rajat (Arjun Mathur), the husband of Tara (Kalki Koechlin) which makes on the verge of costing his life. He is admitted to the hospital, at a place in South India. Tara is heartbroken and dejected to extremities, when Shiv (Naseeruddin Shah) encounters him in a café, who has suffered a greater grief with her wife in coma and little chances of surviving through. While they become a support to each other at a time they witness a downfall in personal life, Director Anu Menon does more than a good job for the depiction of how painfully sickening it is to wait in the confine walls of the waiting room, in hope of the better health of your kith and kin, yet the pessimistic side uninvitingly crops up with the question ‘What if?’. The empathizing emotion as it builds in us with the character of Tara shows exactly how Anu Menon has been able to extract out the better of her actors. Although the ending of the movie comes absolutely abrupt and non-complete, yet the movie in toto is a good watch.


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